Thursday, May 2, 2013

Playoffs game 1: the return of Avery

Sorry for the absence been kinda busy but here we are. 48 games lots of heartburn and a little hope to go with it. Now we enter the post season taking on the special education kids from New York. But don't get me wrong this will be a tough series. The rangers have potentially the best post season goaltender in Henry lundqvist. Beyond the regular season there's not much that gets by him. But the question becomes what king Henry shows up? Is this regular season lundqvist or post season lundqvist. Hopefully we see golf course lundqvist. This series also marks the return of Sean Avery that's right dirty play is afoot. That's part if what the rangers being.

Conversely the caps enter the postseason as the hottest team in the NHL. The keys for this series will be drawing penalties and dirty goals in front of lundqvist. Either way welcome back post season why don't you stay for a while

Sunday, January 27, 2013

GAMEDAY PREVIEW: Buffalo @ Capitals

After other nights loss to New Jersey things may be starting to look up.  the team played well killed penalties and even put a few on the baord themselves and actually showed some heart...
i hope that was a sign of the rush starting to go away and some real focus returning to the team..
on to today.

today the Buffalo Sabers who have been having a decent start will come into town to face Micheal Nuevrth and the Washington capitals. today is the real litmus test. its time to win in your own barn boys. hope everyone in attendance today will be loud for our boys in red.

Friday, January 25, 2013

GAMEDAY: Capitals @Devils...

well here we go again. last night was ugly. we finally witnessed the divorce of Carlzner and we saw some pretty bad hockey....been par for the course so far this season.
tonight we head into the armpit of america to face the stanley cup runner up New jersey Devils...
oh and look whos still in net for them...that old go Marty brodeur..
what to expect from the caps tonight..I have no clue.
im just hoping not last night.
in better news though last night joey Crabb!!!! got his first goal of the season.
I suspect Nuevirth will get the start between the pipes again tonight and dont expect any post divorce relapsing of carlson and alzner..
game time is at 7:00

Thursday, January 24, 2013

GAME DAY. game 3 Montreal....du wha????

Tonight the capitals look to rebound from a 2 game losing skid against the Montreal Canadians…this is a team that is a big question mark of what the y can do and how they can do it.
The capitals look tonight for their first win of the season and hopefully are able to shake some of the cobwebs and rust out from the extended lockout.(thank you owners…..)
Game time will be at 7 tonight with Nuevirth starting in net for the boys in red. And most likely Carey price for the out of town chums.
Get down to VC and get loud. This is our team don’t let them down!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pregame reading-Winnipeg @Washington

Here we go. Tonight is the home opener for the Washington capitals.

The caps hope to turn things around after a sluggish finish in Tampa on Saturday night.

Tonight's goaltending matchup will be Andre Pavlec in his third straight start for the jets and at the other end Braden Holtby for the capitals.

Also to note tonight's healthy scratches are Erskine, Shultz, and Fehr with call up Thomas kundatrek getting the jersey from Hershey


Ovie on the PK is ok!
I’m going out on a limb right here, right now in saying that Ovechkin could afford some time on the PK. Yes it’s going to take some time for him to learn the finer details of playing defense a man down. But I feel it’s better for him in the long run.
The one complaint we have all had about Ovie is probably his lack of defensive ability or inability to be responsible in his own end. I feel by putting him on the Penalty kill even if for the last 30 seconds will teach him this. He has already said he learned a lot about defensive play under dale hunter. Giving him a situation where he can possibly turn a game around at the end of a pk is where we want him.
How many times have we seen Ovie create a play at the blue line to put one in the back of the net? I believe doing this will help create more assists for him coming off the PK and in general make him an all-around better player. I can honestly see him becoming more of a forward playing Brooks Orpik if all goes well. He’s got a lot of size and ability I think it’s time we look at more than one use for this big gun.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Caps to scrimmage Reading Royals

This morning the Washington Capitals will have a warm up friendly match with ECHL affilate Reading as part of this weeks shortened training camp. The scrimmage is set for 10:30 am at Kettler iceplex in Balston. Follow @vogscaps or other caps twitter feeds if you are unable to make the game.

some caps365 pregrame  video pregame video from CAPS365